Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Farewell London. For now.

Apparently I’m now a grown up. Or at least someone who mostly appears to be one from the outside. London, I think, has been largely responsible.  I've moved on (slowly and grudgingly) from spending all my meagre first salary in awful/brilliant SW London bars and acknowledged that the places I used to think were rock and roll are definitely not far East enough to be at all relevant anymore. Chateaux 6 anyone..? no..?

It stopped being hilarious to be constantly broke, hungover and dating yet another Army boy a long time before I actually stopped doing any of the above but nearly five years, six flat shares, 11 jobs (ouch) and innumerable emotional crisis appear have achieved what seemed impossible - and buying my first flat and getting engaged have definitely cemented the new social order.

Although sad to leave the city that’s grown-me-up and sadder to be leaving my best friends - the prospect of a puppy/sunshine/sky/being allowed to wear a cowboy hat EVERY day is more than enough to lure me away for now. 

But not without gathering all our favourite people in to one place for a last hurrah - for salt fish croquettes, welsh rarebit, the worlds worst birthday cake and far more gin that my newly proclaimed grown-up self should decently consume in public. ouch. Heavily edited evidence below...

Confused result of attempt to create an appropriate birthday / leaving-for-Texas cake. Good thing its the thought that counts...




Monday, 20 January 2014

A Transplant or an Austinite?

What makes an Austinite? Really not a great question for this new-to-Texas Londoner to google in the hope of finding something useful about out how to get started in my adopted home city... Apparently I'm a 'transplant'. and everyone hates transplants. good news! 

So I abandoned my soul-destroying online quest in favour of human beings -  and quizzed some actual people who actually live in Austin with rather more encouraging (or at least more snack related) outcomes. I've been handed a lot of advice (some brilliant and some distinctly odd..!) about how to feel at home in my adopted city. My favourites are as follows.

"Tacos are an acceptable breakfast choice"

And for lunch. And also for dinner. And probably as a midnight snack? This I can definitely get on board with. 

"Austinites get their dogs from shelters not from breeders"

Everyone that's spent any time with me recently will be relieved when i finally adopt said dog from Pets Alive and stop banging on about it! I've been cruising their website devotedly for weeks trying hard not to set my heart on dogs that definitely won't be available in a months time. 

And finally the most reassuring thing I found online - from this excellent list was that despite loving complaining about traffic and newcomers...

"Austinites love claiming people who don't actually come from Austin." 

They definitely meant Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn but here's hoping that with enough taco gobbling, they'll eventually want me too.

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