Friday, 20 March 2015

February Run of the Month: A not very foamy five K

A late December panic decision to sign myself up for at least one organised run a month (precipitated by a post Christmas pudding failure to zip up my jeans)  seemed like an extremely brilliant idea from the comfort of my caribbean sun lounger - and was an excellent reason to eat a few more festive snacks (gotta fuel those runners legs...).

But was less marvellous a plan on a cold, dark February Austin evening in the middle of a cold snap. Even more regrettable was the fact that this was a 'fun run' - a 'black light foam run' to be exact. I am not someone who thrives on 'organised fun'. A lot of my soul wanted to die. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Wink Gobble Munch - my favourite new Austin feasting spot.

Wink is a tiny restaurant tucked behind World Market on Lamar. It markets itself as Farm to table with a daily changing menu of fresh, local, seasonal produce. It's not new - It opened in 2001 - but a couple of different people have raved about it to us so I've been excited about trying it for weeks.

It's a small, glowing, buzzy restaurant - devoid of much in the way of ornamentation it feels very much more cosy than any where else we've been in town. Once we tucked ourselves in to our corner table and started perusing the menu we quickly came to the conclusion that with so many delicious things the best thing to do was to have the tasting menu and try as many of them as possible. And some wine. Lots of Wine

We started with a wild mushroom soup with blue cheese and roasted walnuts - that I guzzled down much to quickly to photograph.

Followed by hamachi sashimi with edible flowers and beetroot - unusually delicious to have sashimi without asian flavours. Melty. 


Monday, 16 March 2015

"That fish Cray..!" The Inaugural Crawfish Boil of Summer at Moontower Saloon.

The Moontower Saloon is an Austin institution, hidden behind tall oak trees in Deepest darkest 'Way South' Austin, a 1950's Ranch house turned legal speakeasy.

It's one of those places that's not obvious from the main road - but everyone know's where it is. And Apollo's more than welcome which is always a bonus. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

WHIP IT! A Roller Derby initiation at 'The Blood Shed' Austin.

Texas Roller Derby has been RIGHT at the top of my Austin-must-do list ever since I watched Whip It (I'm unhealthily obsessed with everything Ellen Page does!) so I've been excited about last Saturday night - and my inaugural visit to the excellently named 'Blood Shed' for WEEKS.

A new season double-header promised two bouts (matches) - and so two chances for me to understand quite what was going on...
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