Thursday, 10 December 2015

A New Orleans Thanksgiving

Being a not-American I am a little baffled by thanksgiving - I love turkey, and I love eating - but celebrating it ourselves would seem hollow and, although we had a super relaxed and delicious friends-giving last year - I can't help but feel like a giant phoney even talking about it like its a real thing for a Brit. So when some of our favourite fellow Austinites (and fellow overseas transplants) suggested we road trip to New Orleans, to be thankful for Beignets on Bourbon street, we jumped at the chance.

Five of us, bleary eyed and bed-headed, departed early enough on thanksgiving morning for it to still be dark. We drove East towards Louisiana in the dawn, stopping to stock up on caffeine and tacos en route and arriving in our Apartment just off canal street in plenty of time to explore before supper.

Last time we came this way I was driving and so didn't manage to quite appreciate how glorious the spanish moss is hanging from the cedar trees as we drove over the raised highway.

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