A former Londoner, A Lone Star State Lover. A tentative beginner blogger.
When I moved to Austin – often called ‘Sillicone Hills’ or the ‘Live Music Capital of the World, I thought I’d better join in. As my singing voice was once affectionately described as ‘like a seal being attacked by a shire horse’ it's probably better for everyone that I started a blog not a band…
The Austinite is my life (style!?) diary. A place to document the ups and downs of life in Austin, London and the Cayman Islands. Somewhere for photos of adventures past and plans for adventures yet to come.
As well as Austin and my husband I love: My pup (Apollo – Texas Moon Dog, failed NASA trainee and king of this house), things with stripes on, potatoes and my trucker cap with a picture of myself on. I get excited about big, beautiful out door places. I loved Las Vegas a LOT more than I thought I was going to and I have a whole album of pictures of Pinterest projects that have gone spectacularly not-to-plan.
In my real life I work for a Non-Profit  developing and running sexual health workshops in schools – which entertains me enormously but has had a rather detrimental effect on my dinner party conversation… Any sense of propriety I might have once had has been completely dissolved by frank conversations about the clap with teenagers. I’m a dream guest. You should have me over.

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